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The Island of Hvar will leave you satisfied


Have you ever felt unsatisfied?

Have you ever visited somewhere only for it not to live up to expectations? It can happen almost anywhere, even with some of the most famous travel destinations in the world, but not Hvar and here’s why.

Scenic, charming and tranquil, Hvar is an awe inspiring island that delights visitors with sublime accommodation and a peaceful setting which can often be difficult to find on the mainland along the Dalmatian Coast. Steeped in history and infused with a rich heritage, the island also has many attractions which offer a welcome respite for both the tourist seeking a relaxing getaway and the local wanting to escape from the busy civilization currently seeping into modern day Croatia.

Where to stay in HvarThe attraction of Hvar

Built in the 13th century, the town of Hvar itself is a very quaint destination with many shining palaces and without any traffic at all, making it perfect for an evening stroll before sampling one of the world class restaurants lining the cobblestone streets. It is also on these streets you will find some of the best holiday apartments in Hvar next to tiny cafe’s and some truly beautiful architecture. Another highlight is the nightlife which is surprisingly lively and friendly at all times, although there really is no confusion when it comes to figuring out the real attractions of this stunning island – the amazing excursions from Hvar town.

Yes, Hvar is overflowing with incredible options for day trips around the island, from a classic wine tour in one of the nearby wineries, a boat trip to the Pakleni islands or Jelsa Beach, an intrepid hike along the cliffs of Sveta Nedjelja or Milna, to a historical tour in the old town of Stari Grad. In terms of day tours from Hvar, the options are endless and on such a small island, you can be sure that most of your time can be spent enjoying each location or cruising the ocean, rather than rushing around.

best holiday apartments in hvarAn island of great expectations

Whether you just want to spend a few quiet days away from the noise or to spend it exploring the local culture, history and natural attractions, this island is the perfect destination to suit all types of traveller and as long as you choose carefully where to stay in Hvar, you can be sure of a relaxing adventure amongst some of the most charming scenery anywhere along the Dalmatian Coast. There are many travel destinations in Europe that fail to live up to great expectations, but thankfully Hvar is not one of them and will most certainly leave you satisfied.

If you don’t like something, change it

Solo Travel Blogger

What if I could just do what I wanted? What if there was actually no genuine reason or excuse for not following my passion? What if Life really were that simple, that we could just stop doing something and start becoming something else? As a digital nomad, a solo travel blogger and former member of a more conventional life, these are questions I once asked myself.

Digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad

For the past year, I have asked myself these questions but one of my greatest problems in life has always been to over analyze everything and so I never go after what I wanted. It was the main reason, I suffered with acute anxiety from an early age and the defining reason for the self doubt this past year. I was afraid that I might fail in trying to follow my passion, for a living.

I love adventure, I love being in the outdoors, I love travel but after spending a week wild camping in the very North of Ireland, I must admit that nothing appealed to me more during this time, than having a warm place to sit and a fast wifi connection. I needed the wifi for some work online but the truth is, as much as I love outdoor adventures, sometimes I love nothing more than sitting on the sofa reading about one.

The idea was to live in a tent through Winter, to hike during the day and work online in the evenings. I would live like this as it was the only way to afford staying in Ireland and spending Christmas with my family. However, when I found myself on a beach the other evening, with an emergency foil blanket wrapped around my naked body, I quickly realized it was neither a suitable way to live or a suitable long term plan to make a living from my passion.

I was thankful to the many articles and people who had given me permission to fail over the years, as this was the only way I could come to terms with such a disastrous week. The backpack was too heavy to climb over the endless roadside fences and the one time I managed to scale a wall near Ballyiffin, two horses came stomping over which sent me in to a controlled state of panic. When I worked up the courage to ask, one farmer said no to camping on his land and then I ended up spending most of the time walking alongside traffic on the road.

Hiking in the west of Ireland

On the final day, I hiked over some beautiful mountains but it would bring a swift end to the idea of living in a tent. It rained hard and fog brought a very minimal visibility which was fine but the exposed and boggy nature of the terrain meant having to walk a huge distance until I found a more suitable place to camp.

I climbed inside after a long struggle pitching the tent, but no sooner had I time to enjoy being in out of the wind that I had realized my terrible mistake. While putting up the tent, the rain cover had blown away from the backpack and as a result, my clothes, sleeping bag – everything, was wet. I would spend the rest of the night with an emergency foil blanket wrapped around me and wishing I was sat on a sofa somewhere reading about a bigger idiot than myself.

The week was a complete disaster but at the same time, the decision to stop was a sign of how much had changed in recent years. I was not enjoying the constant search for suitable camp spots and without hesitation, I quickly decided to stop doing it. It was also for this same reason that I quit my job a few weeks previous to become a solo travel blogger. I was not enjoying the job or lifestyle and figured this was exactly the right reason to stop doing anything in life, not to mention the act of doing so would mean following my passion to become a travel writer.

It was a scary feeling to hand in my notice but the experience of recent years has taught me to seize these opportunities. You see, I figure we live in a complicated world but the over analyzing or over thinking from which I had always suffered, is actually what makes it so complicated, because really, life can be as simple as we want it to be.People often ask as to how I managed to overcome the anxiety or fear which I had struggled with before cycling across Africa but honestly, it was more to the fact that I accepted it was there and then learnt to use it to my advantage.

If we don’t like something, change it

Solo Travel Blogger

Life has too many decisions, Just Go.

Which way to

I wasn’t the most adventurous person throughout my pretty average upbringing, although an abnormal level of anxieties ensured that I never strayed too far from the beaten path. In school they told me how to dress, they taught me right from wrong and outlined what my career should be, but this only served to confuse me later in life when it came to making decisions. For all the variety of modern day life, the endless choice and never-ending options, I can’t help but think that life has too many decisions, and sometimes you need to just go.

The overwhelming rise of mass decisions

You see, as adults we suddenly find there is nobody there to make the decisions like there was at school or at home. Furthermore,  there are now far too many to make on a daily basis and as we gather even more possessions and more responsibilities, the numbers of these decisions grow. What colour shoes to wear, cappuccino, frappuccino, green tea or herbal for breakfast, lunch in or eat out, take the train, walk or wait on the bus? The end result; whether we are trying to decide on what to eat, what to wear or which way to travel. The modern world is now infused with a mass number of possessions and decisions which bring nothing but stress to our lives.

And herein lies the problem, the mass number of decisions leads to procrastination or self doubt and essentially, in-action as rather than feeling inspired by the options and opportunities at our feet, we feel overwhelmed and mostly resolve to make no decisions at all.

Waiting around vs. Taking action

As someone who battled acute anxieties his whole life and suffered a general fear of travelling to new places or seeking new experiences, I can tell you that facing these fears is the only true means by which they will ever go away. It took more than 4 years of travelling the world to properly understand these concerns and realize the best way to alleviate them, but ironically, this “”way”” was as simple as they come. Yes, having researched all the important parts such as how to hire a campervan in Sydney or what to pack for a ski season, I came to understand that the best way to start the adventure and begin facing up to my personal demons, was to just go.

I could have waited until more money found its way into my bank account, I could have waited for a friend to hold my hand, I could have waited for a time that better suited my career or a moment when I felt ready, but then none of this seemed to make sense anymore when I could, just go.

It was terrifying, to walk out that door, to go to the airport alone and board a plane for some place I had never been. It was scary to think of all the things that could go wrong and even more horrifying to contemplate a worst case scenario, but none of them would ever happen. No, I would spend the following 8 years travelling around the world without any sign of the concerns or things that worried me in the beginning and incredibly, I would become a travel writer in the process.

I am not old or wise just yet, but as someone who knows from experience, I can tell you that travel is the most incredible experience and an opportunity to change everything you thought you knew about the world. However, it only happens if you can block out the mass number of decisions and then realize that there are really only two simple words which will help you on your way. So be brave, look forward and just go.

Bali luxury villas on an island that lives up to expectations

Luxury resort in Bali

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. ” Coco Chanel

When you consider Bali luxury villas and the island itself, it highlights a point that few exotic destinations around the world can live up to the front cover photographs we see on travel magazines or publications. But there is always an exception to the rule and in this case; Bali is most definitely an exception. And the same can be said about luxury accommodation where the room is never quite the standard you saw online or the views are often obstructed by buildings you never even knew existed. Once again, this is rarely the case with a private villas resort Bali.

For Bali Luxury Villas, look no further

Private Luxury Villa Bali

Not only is Bali at the heart of everything you could want for a vacation in terms of accommodation, it is simply stunning and home to more natural beauty than you could ever hope to find. White powdered beaches stretching for miles next to a wide expanse of turquoise blue, as mentioned, some photographs will portray a destination in a slightly flattering light, but not Bali. No, Bali is just as beautiful as you might expect. In fact, it would be hard to find an island anywhere in the world which offers the same allure and tropical feel as Bali which is testament as to why it is now such a popular tourist destination.

Another highlight is the dining options and vibrant nightlife, for this island is accompanied by an enticing food experience and some of the best bars in Seminyak are an ideal way to spice things up should the need arise.

Luxury resort in Bali

Photograph by David Biner

Private Luxury Villas in Bali

And just when you think this Indonesian Island might just be your destination of choice this year, the private villas in Bali are enough to know this question should never be in doubt. From grand interior design to friendly customer service, sublime meals, spacious rooms and extra facilities to help you feel more relaxed in the local environment. Luxury Villas in Bali are step above and beyond what you might find anywhere else and they simply never fail to disappoint the visitor.

In fact, the online reviews for Bali hotels are just as impressive as the island itself and when you stay at one of these incredibly beautiful hotels on this undeniably magical landmass, you will see for yourself that the island matches the photographs.

Traversing Madgascar on foot: An interview with Ash Dykes

Imagine travelling to Madagascar and deciding to walk the length of the country.
I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing adventurer Ash Dykes who recently became the first person ever to traverse the enormous island of Madagascar on foot. Travelling with a local guide in parts, Ash scaled extremely high mountain passes, trekked through luscious jungles, waded across treacherous rivers in the night and much, much more.
Why did you begin this adventure Ash?

This is what I love & am truly passionate about, I have been taking on adventures around the world for 6 years now, so if it wasn’t the expedition across Madagascar – it was going to be something.


What made you choose this insane hike the length of Madagascar?

It was actually when I was crossing Mongolia on foot, I was alone & would only see locals now and again. I thought to myself that my next adventure should be in a location where there’s more locals that I can integrate with, understand there ways & learn from them.
Madagascar instantly stood out to me, I knew very little about the place, not many people travel there & I was eager to get into it’s interior and see what it’s truly about. The best way to see a country is by foot I say, but I love the challenge, the survival aspect & the pure grit you have to go through in order to make it out alive.
What were you afraid of the most?
Afraid wouldn’t be the right word, but what I was weary of was the crocodiles, mosquitoes, bandits and the river crossing as they got very high and strong when we were in the mountains during the rainy season.
Did it get lonely, and if so, how did you deal with it?

I did have different local guides, in which I’d have them join me on different sections, so I was always with one, but on occasions it did get quite lonely, specially when we’d be in a village, the guide would talk away with everyone & I was just unable to due to me not knowing the language. But I had faced much lonelier times crossing Mongolia, so this wasn’t much of a deal.

What was your happiest moment on the trip?

There were many, but one that seems to stand out is day one, walking along the coast on a bright sunny day, watching humpback whales jumping out of the Indian ocean, strolling upon elephant bird eggs & witnessing a local tribesman spare fishing. But also – the planning was now behind me and whether I succeed or fail on this expedition – it was now down to me to make it happen!

What was the hardest part of your trip?

There were also many, from catching the worst strain of Malaria, facing impenetrable jungle whilst trying to hack our way through and having to turn back on many occasions to hunt down a different route. Being stuck on Mountain tops unable to find our way off, having to build a raft using natural resources to cross a strong river, almost losing our photographer who came out for a few weeks, to a river crossing at night, there were many more difficult times!

What was the most profound lesson you learned on this adventure?

I learn so much on each of my expeditions that it would be too hard to pick one I guess, but sticking to your gut instinct & making decisions when you have people with you is extremely tough – but always go with what you truly believe is best, even if others go against it.
I also learnt a lot from within the country, it’s beauty and diversity. I partnered up with the Lemur Conservation Network to help spread awareness on Madagascar’s unique biodiversity & the threats the island faces, but what I’ve seen is that conservation is growing out there, they are discovering new species, bringing back the rain forest and that really makes me happy and inspires me.

I also partnered up with the tourism minister to help spread awareness of Madagascar, it’s beauty and what an incredible place it is to take on an adventure, it was great to share stories with the rest of the world from within.

Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to take an adventure like this?

Go for it, the world’s a big place and there’s still lots to explore, don’t stress yourselves too much with the planning – it’s an adventure, things will change, you just need to take the first step and get amongst it all.

Is it worth the risk for online writers?

train digital nomad

When I first began searching for a way to sustain my travels around the world, the prospect of becoming an online writer didn’t seem very realistic. After all, I had no experience with writing of any kind and no real idea of how to get started either. However, I would find out over the course of the following year that my aspirations were actually quite modest and not as far out of my reach as I first anticipated.

Becoming an online writer


You see, everything seems so damn hard when you have no experience but at the same time, it is often the process of trying in which we gain the experience in itself. For me, this was most certainly the case and although the very first time I wrote an article for a paying client ended in disaster, it was only a matter of time until the writing became natural and I realized exactly what worked.

And then there was the question of talent. Was it really possible for someone with so little writing talent to be successful? Ironically, yes it was. I would learn many valuable lessons over the course of the first year trying to make it as a content writer but none more so than that it was possible to do anything with enough practice. I may not have been writing articles worthy of the Huffington Post but I was certainly improving and doing it nonetheless.

Morale of the story: If you work hard enough at most things, talent and experience just does not matter.

The modern day writer

Another aspect of becoming a writer which seems to be largely ignored is how we live in an age where it has never been easier to become a writer online. As outlined in a recent article by Greg of Prescott Papers, “People are more mobile these days. They often have to spend time on public transport such as the bus and the subway, getting to work or wherever it is they need to be. With smartphones and tablets comes the internet, where any type of online writing is located”. In the very same way, I began my career as a content writer sitting on trains, in airports or at the back of the bus with a small laptop and a head full of ideas. I was fully realizing how the internet had opened up an avenue for me which would not have been there fifteen or twenty years ago.

Changing attitudes and changing roles

Digital nomad in the city

I feel it’s entirely natural to be afraid when it comes to pursuing a new career. Stepping outside of the comfort zone is one thing but when you find yourself surrounded by people telling you it’s not possible, that makes it even more difficult. An honestly, it is like this for most people who go to school. We are told what to dress, how to act, what popular looks like, what is right, what is normal. In the end we have this general perception for how everything is supposed to be and it becomes so hardwired that we are unable to think outside of the box even when we leave those days behind.

I guess what I am trying to say is that most things in life (like becoming an online writer) are not really as far out of our grasp as we believe. We just learn to think in this way having being led by the hand since a young age and then we fear the oncoming change or risk because this is naturally a scary thing to do. But what will it be; to live a safe life with little adventure or to be bold and live to the full?

Well, I made my decision, have you made yours?



Moving home in Canada

Toronto Cargo van rentaljpg

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and arguably the best-known. It is a bustling multicultural city, with attractions that appeals to a variety of people who include shoppers, culture lovers, nature lovers, sports lovers, foodies and those who like to explore. The following are the top reasons of why Toronto is a travel destination and a great place to live if you are thinking of moving home in Canada.

It is a cultural hotbed
Toronto is home to millions of people and this sprawling city is filled with distinct neighbourhoods.
Shopping destination

Toronto has various top-notch department stores throughout the city and the most prominent ones being in the Eaton Centre and in the Fashion District.
The art scene
Aside from major art museums like the Art Gallery of Ontario, the city has a burgeoning art community that’s present in every corner.  There are also hundreds of small galleries lining the streets, while each year, the city is taken over by contemporary artists during an all-night arts festival that runs from dusk until dawn.
The festival scene
Toronto city offers the Film Festival, electronic festivals and also a whole summer of boutique alternative dance. Also Arts lovers travel when the Luminato festival starts. The city is one of the reasons why people keep coming back to Canada for vacations, also being one of the most culturally advanced cities in the world.

Toronto Cargo van rental has many uses, travel activities being the top most. It seems that more and more car rental companies are servicing this need by adding larger vans to their rental options.


Cargo van is a kind of a vehicle used to transport people and goods. Usually they are bigger or smaller than a truck. Minivans are used to transport people. Larger van is used for institutional purpose, while big vans with front seat are only used to meet business purpose. Specially equipped vans are mostly used as mobile studios. Even courier companies also use cargo vans to deliver packages.
If you are planning to travel to Toronto city, then you may hire a cargo van. These vans are reliable vehicles and ideal for travel from one place to another. They come up with passenger seats, allowing you to travel along with your goods. There are wide selections of cargo van available to hire, to meet your requirement. Latest model vehicles remain well maintained and have features and options which will make your goods remain safe while traveling. Many companies in Toronto provide the right service to their customers.

Employees working in Rental Companies usually provide knowledge about commercial vehicles to ensure that you use the vehicle with confidence and comfort. Every such vehicle given on rental basis, is subjected to pass through a pre-rental inspection process. Customers are usually provided with 24/7 roadside assistance, once they choose cargo van rental service in the Toronto area. Other companies provide last minute special offers to the customers. Book a cargo van for 3 days minimum to avail discounts in the rate.

Most unique places to vacation in India


It is summertime once more and the heat is unbearable as usual. A chill recess point is everything you require. India possesses some of the ultimate recess spots that you have to pay a visit during your vacation days.  It sure is a heavenly place in the core of more paradises. With all the optimal venture spots to tour, lakes and many temples for viewing, a vacation in India will never disappoint. Almost all unique places to ensure you go to while in touring India are below.


Ladakh Pangong Lake – Image by Rudra Narayan Mitra

Let’s say you are the ultimate lover of water and nature? Ladakh is the area for you. There is a majority of incredible places to pay a visit here like Leh and its regions. If you can deal with the temperamental weather and you aren’t a little kid, this is definitely the spot for you.  To beautiful lakes and towering mountains, this area according to me is the best spot to pay a visit while in India. Ladakh has the optimal astonishing and breath taking views and it’s the weather is clearly outstanding. Under no circumstances should you forget to pay a visit to Kali Mandir, the Leh Palace and the Shanti Stupa. Do not fall short of visiting Ladakh in the summertime if you want a good vacation.
Every adventure seeker ought to make a stop at Manali. Starting with first the locality of the bushland of Pir Panjaland Duladharrange of the Himalayas is ideal for the venturing type of venture seekers. Sports like hiking, paragliding, and white-water rafting not forgetting the awesome views of the Solang Valley are available.
For site seeing and venture, Rishikesh is your area to pay a visit. It is known as the World Capital of all Yoga. There is definitely a diversity of many yoga centres, sanctuaries and ashram to pay a visit. India’s tallest bungee jump is hosted here as well. There is also a water rafting, ridge jumping and a diversity of excursion sports which will ensure that you will get fully entertained. It’s the ultimate fascinating place.
Mount Abu
It is the absolute vacation point during summertime.  The wildlife reserve is a favored visitor luring point. It is graded among the prime holy places for Jais and Hindus because of the countless temples existing here. Ensure you visit the temples of the Jain at Delwara for their elegant architectural allure and the carvings.

This is situated far from the life of the city hence it is the perfect vacation spot. It is sanctified with peace and an awesome weather. It is located around 5999 feet above the sea level. It is at the convergence of three rivers namely; Kundaly, Nallathani and Madhurapuzha. The tourist appeals here are never ending and adventures like hiking, climbing mountains and fishing can as well be tried.


It is known as well as the “Green Paradise”, it is quite calm and quiet.  The foggy hill of Kerala increases to Wayanad’s beauty and makes the spot even more slackened. The Wyanad bird reserve is the major luring point and is the ultimate desirable bird viewing destination here. For the greatest family bonding occasion, Wayanad is ultimately the area for you because you will definitely find yourself calling it home soon enough.

Tea Plantation Kerala - image by Aleksandar_Todorov

Darjeeling is also known as the Queen of all Hills. If nature is your first love then this is certainly the spot for you. It’s a complete stunner! It’s all round surrounded with many rich tea farmlands known all around the world. This picturesque mount point is all that appears to be allure at the supreme.  The vastness of the Himalayas is discerned and enjoyed with all the absolute views and also the food is something that one cannot dare to miss.
This is the place that you have to visit even if you’re entering India for business not pleasure. It’s a scenic mount located above the sea level in the famous district of Satara. It’s a delight during the summer. It has numerous points that offer stunning views that soothe every fiber of your body. People may commence the day here by looking at the early sun rise moving on to hiking, boat riding and ending the significant day at sunset spot.
This surely is the ultimate summer recess point in India.  Starting at, Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalga, which are the greatest crowd attracting trios during the time the sun sets. Numerous pastime activities are on offer and the views that these areas have are something that one needs to experience for one to be able believe it. You cannot miss this spot for anything.

Roads to Sikkim - Image by Rudra_Narayan_Mitra

Roads to Sikkim – Image by Rudra Narayan Mitra

Andaman and Nicobar
Andaman and Nicobar is zest of the ultimate order. The finest location you can ever visit. Looking at the aura, the colossal variety and never forgetting the excellent maritime life along filled with the most stunning escapade activities, Nicobar and Andaman ought to certainly be on your never to miss notes during the summertime!
All lovers of culture and excursion ought to make a stop in Sikkim. The most metaphorical and not nearly explored regions in India are located in the North Eastern region. Sikkim, which is in North East India, is bound by the great Himalayas and also the enthusiastic River Teesta crossing the complete vastness of the land is the best region in India to be.  There are numerous areas to pay a visit to in Sikkim like Buddhist Monastries, surging waterfalls, unchecked caves, cascading rapids, lakes and luxuriant valleys. It is all in the whole best family vacation spot, excursion trip and a good honeymoon location too.
As Vijayanagara Empireit former capital, Hampi has always remainained an essential spiritual hub. While encompasing the, Narasimha, Virupaksha Hemakuta Hill, Big Shivlinga, Lakshmi and Vithala temples, it is a site to witness.  If you’re a lover of architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is housed for you to venture. If you’re a love of rock-climbing you will enjoy Hampi, as it is deemed the bouldering capital of India, not forgetting the city’s stony scenery, dotted with primordial temple ruins, makes for the most unique mountaineering experience
There you have it, the most unique areas to be while vacating in India.

For more information on your next trip to India, go to Vacation India for some expert advice.

Souvenirs to buy in Phuket

souvenirs in Phuket

Phuket is one of the dreamiest, most interesting and visually spectacular destinations in Thailand so it can be a very interesting location that you can check out. But one has to wonder, which are the best souvenirs that you can bring back home from Phuket? With that in mind, we created a list that will help you identify the best souvenirs in Phuket so that you can get a better experience in the end.

Leather products

Thailand and Phuket in particular are known for the high quality leather products. You can find various exotic leather items that are created from ostrich, stingray or even crocodile leather. They can be expensive depending on what you choose to purchase but remember that it might be difficult to find these anywhere else.


You can rarely find pearls that are as pure and refined as the Phuket pearls. That’s why one of the major souvenirs you can get from this region is a set of pearls which you can purchase for you and as a gift. There are many retailers that offer pearls here at affordable prices so it all comes down to you to choose the ones you like the most. Moreover, there is a pearl farm not far from Phuket – Phuket Pearl Farm where you can not only purchase sea pearls but also discover the process of pearl farming during your visit there.”

Coconut oil

The coconut oil from Phuket is suitable for your meals because it adds a great flavor yet you can also use it as a natural lotion for the skin. As a whole, it’s a very good investment and one that will pay off nicely.

Magic amulets

Even if you don’t believe in magic these are great charms that you can take around and showcase to others. Many of these are very old and some are actually ancient which does show their power and uniqueness. Obviously these won’t come cheap so you should prepare for paying a premium on them.

Thai whisky or rome

The whiskey in Phuket is not one of the best. However,  locals enjoy it quite a bit and it does have a very distinct taste when it comes to the regular whisky as well. And the local  whisky  is the important  attribute of every part you may participate.  Authentic liquor is often a good choice of gifts for friends.

Fisherman pants

They look great and these pants are actually very comfortable. If you are a person that goes finishing often or which wants to have a distinct look, the fisherman pants from Phuket can be a very good purchase. Plus, they are adjustable, comfortable and stylish.


Asia and Thailand in particular are great destinations for people that want exotic spices. Sure, you can find some imported ones at the local stores but the ones in Phuket are natural and they just have a much better taste. That’s why you should consider getting spices as souvenirs when you come in Phuket!

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should focus on purchasing the best Souvenirs in Phuket. It all comes down to finding something that you enjoy and the results can be extraordinary in the end. Take your time and rest assured that you are bound to find something amazing in the end!

How to find local experiences and day tours in Africa


In my own experience, the best local experiences in Africa will always come about on a day tour or at the very least with a guide who has knowledge of the local area. Thing is, how do you find these local guides and obscure experience in unknown places such as things to do in Nkhata Bay?


Day Tours in Africa

Having worked as an overland tour leader for many years through Africa and travelled extensively on my own, I have come to know and experience an endless number of these day tours in Africa. Obviously this is the reason people ask me in terms of how to organize such day tours but it was also for this reason that i set up a website which made all these day tours in Africa easily accessible. Together with my local knowledge and extensive contacts, I decided to start putting together all the best local experiences in Africa that I could find and the end result was Daytourz.com.

Whether it be a cooking class in Uganda or a bungee jump at Vic Falls, a wildlife safari in kenya or a snorkeling trip on Zanzibar – you can find all the best day tours in Africa on my new website which is only going to grow as the year goes on.


Local tour guides in Africa

Lastly, you know the best thing about it? Africa is still an undeveloped place to travel and live which means access to Internet is not great and more to the point – most local operators, especially the small guys, don’t have a chance to put their tours online, until now that is. Yes, Daytourz is helping these guys get their day tours online and for a minimal reservation fee, we are bringing a truly sustainable business to the heart of Africa.