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Simple Advice: How to become a professional Travel Blogger


Being a Professional Travel Blogger is a dream for many. It seems really exciting to just keep travelling all over the world and putting your experience down in pen and paper. Well, it does come with its own share of struggles and hardships, though. It involves a huge amount of work, investment of time, and even the effort. It can be long before you even start to see any profits or benefits.

Keep on, no matter what

Most people tend to give up on travel blogging too soon. There are a number of people who try to take it up as a full time job, but leave it half-way, the main reason being the time taken for your investment to be fruitful. Quick results should not be expected if you expect to take this up as a full time career. You leave your jobs and start travel blogging, but when you see the losses you get disheartened. One needs to be strong enough to0 pursue this and wait for the results.

The Lives of Professional Travel Bloggers

  • For a professional travel blogger, his blog means the most. You will have to put in a huge lot of effort to make it worth it. You need to love it and enjoy doing it. You need to be a bit of a workaholic.
  • They work much harder than any usual person with a fixed job. If you expect a 9 to 5 job, then this is not your take. You should be ready to work for hours at a stretch without any fixed time limits. It is much more than just writing down. The work involves tremendous amount of research as well.
  • The money is never constant. You do not have a fixed source of income. The money may be too less at times or much more than expected at other times. The lean times can be a total loss, and you need to be well prepared for all this.
  • It takes time to actually start making money. In the beginning, for a year or so, you need to establish yourself and make your mark. Only after that you can expect advertisers and travel companies to start putting money in to your blog. This is where you need to keep going without giving up.
  • Blogging and writing are different. You just do not write on a blog. You need to be much more creative, engaging, and enticing. You need to write smart.

Well, travel blogging is indeed exciting if you have the passion for it. If you have it in you, go for it!

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