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The Reasons Against NOT Travelling the world

why you should travel

There are quite a lot of reasons not to travel – you do not have enough money, time, you have a fear of the unknown – but if you set those reasons aside you will realize that you’re actually missing out on great new experiences in life.

To see things from a different angle

One of the best things about traveling is the fact you will see some new aspects of life. You can easily get into the daily routine and the whole world is waiting to be discovered. Doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, as well as going and returning from work through the crowd lead to a certain feeling which is stagnant. Even if you enjoy your job and do not mind washing a bunch of laundry and ironing, the journey can provide a new enjoyment and give you a completely different picture of life.

Why it matters: Whether you are traveling to a neighbouring country or go halfway around the world, travel will have you feel an unforgettable experience that will completely change your bucket list.

To charge up your batteries

Day after day, life can totally get you down. Time passes very quickly, and when you think you finally have time to do something for yourself, you’re so tired you only want to relax on the couch and watch TV. Although there is nothing wrong with resting this way, perhaps it would be better to get away from everything. When you are at home, you always think about things that bother you more than when you are miles away: whether you’ve washed the dishes, if your boss will give you the raise you were asking for, or whether your colleague will give his best when it comes to the project you are working on together. Therefore, replace the daily stress with ‘problems’ of which attractions will you visit today, what will you eat, which beach to go to or what souvenirs will you buy.

Why it matters: The journey can provide relaxation and recharging the batteries which you cannot so easily achieve when you are at home.

To see something new

The world is big, and although there is no way to see absolutely everything, if you feel and experience something that is outside your city or state you will be able to expand your horizons, to experience new things that you never knew existed. You can be crazy in love with the place where you live (which is great), but if you look just a little outside the box who knows what treasure you’ll find there. From the new food, people, customs, to places that you have not even imagined existed, the journey is full of surprises.

Why it matters: Every new place and experience can help you become a better person and enrich your life.

To set the challenge before ourselves

This is probably the most important reason why you should travel. Challenging yourself is never easy, that’s why it’s called a challenge, but going on a trip can be a very good challenge for you. The journey is a challenge for many reasons, ranging from the fact that you do not know the language, eating unfamiliar food, even the fact you might get lost and lose your everyday comfort (and to understand that every challenge can be overcame). Life is too short to skip this great experience just because you can make it appear difficult at first glance.

Why it matters: Challenging oneself and leaving the comfort of their own comfort bubble can help you develop as a person, gain confidence and overcome the emotional and physical limitations that might hold you back in some areas of life.

I personally had a great pleasure traveling along the former cities of the Byzantine Empire. This journey is a ‘soul food’ to all Byzantologysts, the feeling of touring all the places you had an opportunity to read about is priceless. That’s why I would recommend for everyone to visit destinations from their favourite novels or films. That will truly be an experience you will never forget.

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