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Take Advantage of These 5 Travel Card Perks

Travel card perks

In many ways, I learnt as much from customers during my time as a consultant, than I did whilst training to become a “travel expert”.

In all my time working as a Travel consultant in Calgary, Canada there were many tricks, tips and secrets I learnt along the way with regard to booking airfare or getting the most out of travel savings, but this was never more so the case than when I discovered the huge advantages of travel card perks and having not just one Aeroplan credit card, but several of the best travel credit cards.

Naturally, I met clients from all backgrounds and each of them enjoyed a varying degree of comfort but regarldess of this, most of the frequent travellers knew exactly how to be shrewd when it came to taking advantage of the Aeroplan cards which offered the biggest rewards. Whether it was the backpacker who usually sought the lowest price or the high flying business man who wanted nothing but the best airlines and upgrades, the frequent traveller always knew exactly how to get the most incredible rewards on their travels, with a minimal amount of effort.

In many ways, I learnt as much from customers during my time as a consultant, than I did whilst training to become a “travel expert”, and these encounters, along with a huge amount of “insider information” served only to help me to understand, and then identify, the best travel credit cards in the entire industry.

For example, Many travel cards in Canada require you to spend a specific amount within the first few months, but did you know that you that this is not the case with TD’s Aeroplan Infinite Visa? As long as you activate the card by using it to purchase and keep it open for 90 days, it’s yours!

Already have an Aeroplan credit card?, Get another.

Likewise, another incredible way to amass a serious number of Aeroplan points, is by having more than one card. An ex client brought this to my attention when he showed me his two American Express Gold Rewards Credit Card, why did he have two?

Put simply, you receive 25,000 air miles for free when you activate an AMEX travel card and if you apply for a second card, you will receive an additional 25,000 air miles. I need to also point out that these air miles are permanent regardless as to when or if you use the card after they have been activated.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and there’s also no risk involved with the strategy.

Morale of the story: If you plan on taking a trip anytime soon, it would make sense to start checking out the best Aeroplan travel cards on the market and then get signed up with little effort, to star reaping the rewards.

You can find a list of the best aeroplan credit cards in Canada here.

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