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Australia: Aggressive man restrained on flight by air marshall


Simon Bowen was taking a group of students from Perth to Sydney on Sunday morning, when the incident happened.

To the passengers and staff on-board the airline it came as quite a shock, when a man became “abusive” and “violent” just a half hour into the journey.

Mr Brown, advised ABC 720 that he had requested a drink quite loudly which the staff denied and from here, the man become increasingly abusive toward the staff.

The incident escalated until apparently, punches were thrown toward nearby passengers, until a couple of people managed to get hold of the man.

“[While they were] holding the fellow, the stewardess shouted and they did have an air marshal on board who was absolutely superb in the calmness.” said Simon Brown.

The air marshal was left with no option other than to restrain the man with handcuffs for the rest of the 4 hour trip to Sydney an when they arrived, the Australian Federal Police boarded to escort the aggressive man off the plane. of the flight.

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