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Bali: An unforgettable yoga retreat in Ubud

Ubud Bali

Relaxation in the heart of Bali

Pure relaxation far away from the noise and deep in the heart of traditional Bali; Ubud is the perfect setting to experience Indonesia’s famous yoga culture and a prelude to fine cuisine and stunning scenery. Ubud is also the most idyllic place in Bali from which to experience everything the island has to offer, from the adventure treks surrounded by jungle, the cultural visits to local villages, the morning classes of yoga meditation, to an afternoon spent on a white sandy beaches.

Surrounding rice fields make it unsurprising how it forms the staple for most meals, but local cuisine is far from simple or straight forward. Natural and fresh, a Ubud restaurant will always use local produce to accompany some of the best seafood in the world and most succulent meats. In this respect, Bali differs from the rest of Indonesia as it has a non Muslim majority, which means roast suckling pig, duck, other meats and more variety in general is common.

Ubud restaurant

Yoga and luxury in Bali

However, for all the adventure it offers, an Indonesian holiday is never complete without relaxation and quality accommodation and thankfully, this is an area in which the island excels; for there are several incredible Yoga Retreats and Bali luxury villas resort around the island with top quality facilities, unrivaled food and world class restaurants. Many hotels also offer day excursions to the white powder sands on nearby beaches and yoga sessions for some quiet meditation. There may be a lot of things to do in Ubud, but it also has a charming way of bringing balance back to life and allowing the visitor to drift away in complete silence.

Bali luxury villas resort

Natural, charming and infused with culture, Ubud is a delightful destination where small craft communities can be found next to majestic palaces, quaint temples, mountain scenery and the best restaurants in Bali. Although the surroundings can offer ample adventure for the active traveller, an Indonesian holiday in Ubud promises serene relaxation and an escape to luxury comfort in quiet surroundings.

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