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Real travel against the world, is it real?

wadi rum, Jordan

Most professional travel bloggers aren’t really putting all their love in the game, I don’t want to name blogs and other online institutions but as a professional travel blogger myself, I tend to personalize the experience, hence in so doing, I couldn’t detach myself from providing a less subjective touch to the travel content which is kind of good for a real travel blog. It ain’t this way if you think like a reader, someone’s who is just after sharing the love of the travel itself, but if you’re looking for an in-depth perspective of what it feels like to go to that very place the blogger is writing about, you’ll notice all the bias that will certainly cloud your judgment.

It is easy to describe a place specially if the travel blogger likes it but what if they don’t? You will see here that that the place will be ignored until another travel blogger writes about it in a favorable fashion. Seriously, if you want to go somewhere and experience it in a raw fashion, you better not read travel blogs since they just write two kinds of inputs, favourable or less favourable, either way they don’t care about what you feel or your expectations. They just want to get online traffic and be done with it, you’re not even sure if they’ve been there or they just bought the article from someone who is not even a professional blogger. That’s the nuisance or more like a noise that hovers anywhere on the web, a sad reality about travel blogging that disgusts me the most.

In my annoyance, I decided to take a personal campaign which I would like to call real travel against the world. I love traveling as it sets my deepest emotions free. Think about working at the comfort of your home, your mind might be free thanks to your imagination but all your senses are dulled. I call this fake emotions since you’re reacting to an experience out of imagination, sure it might be powerful but it isn’t real. However, once you stand on top of a hill with cool winds breezing on your face, then you’ll experience raw emotions coming from within. This is the most real travel experience that I could think of but sadly, I don’t see it on the web much often. In fact, travel bloggers just imagine going to a certain place base on facts and other travel writer’s ideas, what’s real about it? None.

So for your next travel, help yourself and just read about it on Wikipedia or Wikitravel for a less bias content. Nonetheless, if you want to know more about the place, I’m sure there are independent travel bloggers who may write in a secular manner but in a genuine fashion. I love to read real travel experiences, they use words that are less polluted but put in what they experience instead. Things like ABC has fascinating beaches and whatnots, annoys me. Of course anybody can write that way, but if you say, I feel my feet slowly sinking on the sand, then you get my attention.


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