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The Island of Hvar will leave you satisfied


Have you ever felt unsatisfied?

Have you ever visited somewhere only for it not to live up to expectations? It can happen almost anywhere, even with some of the most famous travel destinations in the world, but not Hvar and here’s why.

Scenic, charming and tranquil, Hvar is an awe inspiring island that delights visitors with sublime accommodation and a peaceful setting which can often be difficult to find on the mainland along the Dalmatian Coast. Steeped in history and infused with a rich heritage, the island also has many attractions which offer a welcome respite for both the tourist seeking a relaxing getaway and the local wanting to escape from the busy civilization currently seeping into modern day Croatia.

Where to stay in HvarThe attraction of Hvar

Built in the 13th century, the town of Hvar itself is a very quaint destination with many shining palaces and without any traffic at all, making it perfect for an evening stroll before sampling one of the world class restaurants lining the cobblestone streets. It is also on these streets you will find some of the best holiday apartments in Hvar next to tiny cafe’s and some truly beautiful architecture. Another highlight is the nightlife which is surprisingly lively and friendly at all times, although there really is no confusion when it comes to figuring out the real attractions of this stunning island – the amazing excursions from Hvar town.

Yes, Hvar is overflowing with incredible options for day trips around the island, from a classic wine tour in one of the nearby wineries, a boat trip to the Pakleni islands or Jelsa Beach, an intrepid hike along the cliffs of Sveta Nedjelja or Milna, to a historical tour in the old town of Stari Grad. In terms of day tours from Hvar, the options are endless and on such a small island, you can be sure that most of your time can be spent enjoying each location or cruising the ocean, rather than rushing around.

best holiday apartments in hvarAn island of great expectations

Whether you just want to spend a few quiet days away from the noise or to spend it exploring the local culture, history and natural attractions, this island is the perfect destination to suit all types of traveller and as long as you choose carefully where to stay in Hvar, you can be sure of a relaxing adventure amongst some of the most charming scenery anywhere along the Dalmatian Coast. There are many travel destinations in Europe that fail to live up to great expectations, but thankfully Hvar is not one of them and will most certainly leave you satisfied.