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Zanzibar: One of the best Tanzania safaris

Best Tanzania Safaris

Hands down, one of the best Tanzania safaris

Zanzibar is quite literally an assault on the senses, and the very first time I visited the island back in 2008 after one of the best Tanzania safaris, I genuinely had no idea of the incredible history we would find, and the endless number of things to do in Zanzibar. In truth, it would be somewhere I would return over, and over again.

Experience the enchanting island of Zanzibar, a most famous Spice Island off the coast of Tanzania, and tropical paradise on the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is an alluring mix of ancient history, wildlife and modern paradise, from the slave dungeons of charming Stone town and the myriad of alleyways filled with antique store, traditional shoemakers and art galleries, the fascinating spice plantations, the red colobus monkeys in Jozani forest and giant tortoises on Prison island, to the white sandy beaches, and luxurious five star resorts in the north. The Serengeti may have the reputation, but Zanzibar is definitely one of the best Tanzania safaris you will come across.

Stone Town is such an intriguing port in which to arrive and not only is it the birthplace of Freddie Mercury, but the town itself is perfect for taking a walking tour, or doing some shopping before catching an unforgettable sunset in Africa House. Craft shops of every kind fill a myriad of narrow streets which are interrupted by quaint café’s, small eateries and colorful art exhibitions. It is easy to get lost, but then this is also part of the Stone Town experience.

At the end of each day, the night market on the waterfront is akin to the largest seafood buffet you have ever seen. Fresh lobster, delicious prawns, sweet sugar cane and Zanzibar pizza – there is no end to what you can find in the night market, and the most unique aspect is that you negotiate the price with each stall owner.

The spice plantations are one of the most popular Tanzania safari tours while Prison island and Jozani forest offer an excellent wildlife opportunity in some beautifully secluded wilderness areas. However, having taken so many Tanzania safari tours on the mainland, one of the main draws of Zanzibar are the white powdered sands up North or to the East, where you can check into a quaint bungalow, a fancy resort, or even a more affordable budget room.

Kendwa beach is a little quieter than the nearby Nungwi, but either destination can be considered a beach paradise with plenty of things to do. Sunset cruises, snorkeling, scuba diving and village tours, there are many activities here to break up the relaxation and opt for a little adventure.

Many people travel to Zanzibar for a few days and some for a week, but regardless of how long you can afford, you are sure to leave this paradise, with plans for what to see when you return.