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Trogir accommodation in an ancient town of contrasts

stay in trogir

Experience the richness of a stay in Trogir, a charming waterfront town in central Dalmatia and possibly the best preserved medieval city in Europe. The town has so much to offer, from the scenic promenade running alongside the waterfront, the pristine waters of nearby beaches and charming cobblestone streets of the old town, to the world class Trogir accommodation and many remnants of ancient civilization.

Trogir is a captivating town in Croatia, and the perfect mix of sublime scenery and medieval monuments. It is here, where you can see the majestic 15th Century Kamerlengo Castle with towering walls and perfectly preserved features, or the elegant Cipiko Palace which was once home to a famous medieval family in the city, and the famous Clock tower which is one of the finest examples of a romantic landmark in Croatia. The old town is overflowing with historic memorials and an endless collection of scenic landmarks to discover.

Choosing Trogir Accommodation

When deciding with regard to Trogir accommodation, it is possible to find centrally located accommodation within the town which will allow you to explore this beautiful town on foot. For this reason, an apartment in Trogir is the best option for when you visit and it also enables for a much more cultural experience given that you are living locally, in much the same way as the locals. Stepping outside the front door and being able to walk amongst these historic streets and along the stone paved promenade is not to be taken for granted, and likely to be one of the most enjoyable features of your stay in Trogir.

Aside from the old town, there are also many things to do around the city with many café’s, restaurants and eateries in The Riva and many more craft shops scattered around the town where you can find souvenirs. Trogir is a fascinating town of contrasts which has an excellent tourist infrastructure, whilst still retaining an old city charm – it is never a question of whether you should visit this beautiful medieval town, but rather a question of whether you choose the right Trogir accommodation and then if you will ever be able to leave.

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