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U Pac Hotel: One of the best hotels in Pudu

upac hotel

Few countries in the world can offer the same diversity or value and likewise, few hotels in Pudu can offer the same high quality as this hotel near Pudu Pasar.

Home to one of the largest wet markets (above mentioned Pudu Pasar) in Kuala Lumpur, Pudu is a busy and authentic town in Malaysia infused with quaint restaurants, interesting attractions and hidden charm.

Here are the 5 benefits of staying in U Pac Hotel, one of the best Pudu hotels:


1. U Pac is a hotel near Pudu Pasar

U Pac is a hotel near Pudu Pasar and you can explore this place on foot which is teeming with produce and products of all kinds including meat,vegetables and fish as well as a huge variety of electronic equipment such as audio systems, DVD’s and car accessories. If this wasn’t enough, you will also find an aquarium in this market which is largely inside a large complex. Early in the morning is the best time to visit the wet market.

2.U Pac is surrounded by the most interesting things to do in Pudu

Aside from being a hotel near Pudu Market, U Pac Hotel is situated within easy reach of all the best things to do in Pudu, from the imposing Choon Wan King temple, the glorious street food on Wai Sek Kai, the enchanting facade of the infamous Pudu Jail, and the many small stores offering every sort of product you can imagine. Pudu may be a little short on iconic attractions, but it more than make up for this with a host of interesting cultural experiences.

3.U Pac is a cheap hotel in Pudu

Make no mistake for our meaning of “cheap”, for U Pac Hotel is a quality accommodation offering a service far outweighing the monetary value. Regardless of the number of nearby hotels which are to a high standard, not many (if any), can match the affordable value of U Pac Hotel. If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Pudu, look no further.

4.U Pac Hotel is a high quality hotel in Pudu

Winner of the “Top 10 Bargain Hotel – Malaysia category of the 2016 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice award”, U Pac Hotel offers a high service to match the growing reputation. Although you can stay here for a relatively small investment, you can also be sure of a high standard interior with beautiful rooms and excellent facilities.

5.U Pac Hotel has the most friendly staff in Pudu

What good is a hotel if the staff are not friendly? U Pac Hotel is renowned for having the friendliest staff who are helpful, courteous and welcoming to the traveler. Whether you are visiting Pudu for the first time or returning for a business meeting, it need not matter, you can expect the best service in this, one of the best affordable hotels in Malaysia.


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