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Chartered or uncharted, that is the question


Chartered or uncharted, that is the question…

Imagine, a gentle breeze tumbling across the deck as you roll over to continue sipping on another martini. Some finger food is now out on the table, but the rays of the sun and the comforting sound of the ocean are too relaxing to want to move much further than the drink by your side. You lift your sunglasses slightly to look toward an endless horizon before lying back on the deck of your yacht charter and marveling at the cloudless blue expanse up above.

Renting a yacht might sound like a very expensive activity for an average vacation, and possibly something only a celebrity could afford but actually, if there ever was such a day when this was the case, it has most certainly passed. On the contrary, a yacht charter is now both normal and very affordable travel experience for a family, a group of friends or a special event.


For example, you can charter a Gulet which is a “smaller” yacht and can sleep up to 8 passengers. With a total price of $1250, that makes it just $156 per person for an incredible experience on your very own private yacht. Just to put this into perspective, you can expect to pay upwards of this amount in most European city hotels not to mention a luxury villa on the Mediterranean.

Obviously the prices will be different depending on the size with a Super yacht being the most expensive but the point is, a yacht charter is now an affordable option for almost anybody.

The question is not how, but rather when

A yacht charter has two main options aside from the particular boat you decide upon with the first being that you take an experienced crew to do the sailing, or alternatively that you take the reigns for yourself. It might seem like a good idea to go independently but actually, having a crew on hand to do the dirty work can be a great advantage and allow you to focus on relaxing rather than the logistics of where, and how you go anywhere.

However, regardless of which boat you go for and whether it is crewed or not, a yacht charter is an excellent idea for a vacation and with many beautiful ports in different countries offering the service such as Turkey, Croatia, Greece or Italy – choosing a yacht charter for your next trip abroad should not be a question of how, but rather a question of when.


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