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Is Thailand the most unique cruise destination in the world?

unique cruise destination

Deep in the heart of the exotic South East Asia, with an endless variety of shore excursions, amazing food and so many different attractions to see – Is Thailand the most unique cruise destination in the world?

Explore the frantic metropolis of Bangkok and get lost in the bustling markets in Chatuchak, trek dense mountainous forests and experience elephant riding, or stroll along white powdered sands and marvel at the incoming waves from the crystal clear waters of Andaman sea. The list of shore excursions in Thailand are as long as the white sandy beaches in Koh Samui.

Whatever the interest, Thailand has something for everyone and many of the best shore excursions in the world. World class dive sites surround the islands to the south, while hundreds of temples scatter throughout the cities just waiting to be discovered, there are peaceful botanical gardens, spectacular architecture, stunning scenery and a world famous nightlife.

When you dock in Thailand, you will realize what makes this such a unique cruise destination. It can feel like walking through a golden arch, to another land and another time, where the list for things to do and places to see, are as long as the white sandy beaches you lay your eyes upon a few days later.


Visit the enchanting city of Bangkok

Bangkok is almost the epicentre of travel for the adventure minded tourist. Fascinating history provides a backdrop to the immense temples dotted around the city, while the chaotic traffic replicates what you might expect from one of South East Asia’s most important cities. It is a shoppers paradise and a photographers dream, while the food and nightlife ensure Bangkok can boast to being a unique cruise destination.

The cruise port in Thailand is 2 hours drive south of Bangkok (closer to Pattaya) unless you are travelling on a smaller cruise ship, at which point it is possible to dock at Klong Toey Port next to Bangkok itself. Some of the most popular places to visit on a Bangkok cruise excursion are the Grand Palace and Wat Arun while the giant golden Buddha outside Wat Phra Kaew is simply an awe inspiring sight.

Another nice shore excursion in Bangkok is to take the Chao Phraya River tour which also includes a visit to the famous attractions mentioned above, while the Floating Markets are incredibly interesting and the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical gardens are the perfect place to unwind for the afternoon.



The unique cruise destination of Phuket

To the west of the coast, and in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, there is an exciting array of shore excursions in Phuket which is often referred to as the “Pearl in the Andaman” and offers rugged landscapes, enchanting forests and heavenly beaches all in the one place.

Phuket has so much to offer, from exciting adventure activities and excellent diving sites with colourful coral reefs, to charming architecture and interesting cultural experiences. You can learn all about the ancient traditions on a trip to a Phuket farm, while white-water rafting, trekking and shore excursions to places off the beaten track are always possible.

Cultural tours are always a great choice but some of the best shore excursions in Phuket are trips to Phi Phi island, Phang Nga Bay where the scenery is the very essence of paradise.


Koh Samui Shore excursions

Koh Samui is known for the long stretches of white sandy beaches, fine dining and luxury spas and there is enough variety to make this possibly the best place for shore excursions in Thailand.

The island offers the perfect getaway from the ship for a day or two with many secluded resorts scattered around the island. Palm trees blowing gently in the breeze, neck massages on the beach, snorkeling, cocktails while the sun goes down and spa treatments in the morning. Koh Samui can be that place to take you far away from the stress of everyday life and leave you in complete serenity.

Aside from the relaxation on Lamai and Chaweng beaches, there are many other attractions around the island worth checking out such as Hin Ta, the Buddha Temple and Na Muang Waterfall. It is also possible to travel to nearby Koh Tao island for a small island experience and more adventure in yet another spectacular location that proves how Thailand really is, one of the worlds most unique cruise destinations.

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