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Visit Manzanita and experience the true nature of the West Coast

It’s that time of year when you start thinking about the next getaway, the perfect weekend escape or the best destination for a family vacation in the US. Except, it can also be a little overwhelming at times to sift through the huge number of idyllic locations and narrow it down to just one. Thankfully for anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Manzanita on the Oregon Coast, there is rarely any sifting at all, for this beach getaway and the incredible vacation rentals in Manzanita are the ultimate escape from an increasingly busy world and simply put, the best vacation destination on the West Coast.

Visit Manzanita

Sitting at the foot of the Neahkahnie Mountain, this stunning seaside town is the perfect spot for beach lovers, a romantic couple seeking a quiet few days way from the norm, or even adventure enthusiasts. In fact, there are many attractions and things to do in Manzanita for the more active traveller, from the wonderful wine tasting and casual dining around town, the camping in Nehalem State Park or fishing on the Nehalem River, the shopping in quaint local boutique stores and the many cultural events which are held at the Manzanita’s Hoffman center including film presentations, art classes, and lectures. And then there are the live music and art events in local venues, showcasing the very best of Manzanita culture to beckoning art-lovers.

Manzanita Vacation Rentals

Choose to rise early for either a romantic or family walk on the beach and take in some fresh air as the majestic Pacific Ocean collides with some of the finest sands on the West coast. Unless of course you are not a morning person, in which case you can hibernate with a book in one hand and a glass of fine wine in the other and wait for a magical red sun to set over the ocean. Manzanita is a feast for the eyes and a natural setting where you can unwind with nature and experience the true essence of the Northwest coast.

Where to stay in Manzanita?

Thing is, regardless of the destination you settle on for a beach getaway, choosing the right place to stay is crucial and the success or failure of a trip can largely depend on both the quality and location of your vacation accommodation.

Vacation Rental Manzanita

Manzanita is no different. In fact, it is often said that choosing the right accommodation is key to having the perfect vacation in Manzanita and in this sense, the absolute best way to experience the true appeal of this charming town is to rent a house on Manzanita beach. Providing seclusion, space and absolute independence, a vacation home in Manzanita beach makes an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area as well as offering maximum comfort for your stay. All vacation rental homes provided also come equipped with cable TV, Wi-Fi, all linens, barbecues, a kitchen that is well stocked, and all other essentials.

It does not matter the type of rental home you are looking for- whether it’s a romantic, family, or company retreat or family vacaton getaway – Manzanita Vacation Rentals have a wide variety of homes, some of which are pet-friendly; so there is no need to leave your 4-legged friend behind when going on your beach getaway to Manzanita.

Visit Manzanita

Experience the nature of the West Coast

Whether you are searching for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a weekend break with friends, Manzanita is the idyllic beach escape for every occasion where good times blend seemlessly with natural beauty. Located just 1 and a half hours from Portland and a short distance up the Oregon Coastline, when you experience the true nature of the West Coast and the benefits of staying in a vacation rental home in Manzanita, you will already know the destination for every vacation that comes thereafter.

Check out Vacation Rentals Manzanita to see some of the amazing houses you could be staying in on your next vacation.

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