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5 Best things to do in Selangor


Selangor has changed dramatically over the past hundred years and ever since the “Tin mining” industry that once dominated the region. Today it is much more commercial or industrialized to the point of it being one of the most developed states in all of Malaysia and now it’s quite easy to find fun activities, beautiful parks or things like the best place to stay in Selangor. Amazingly despite all this change, many of the green lush nature reserves and park areas of Selangor have managed to survive the effects that sometimes come with a sprawling population, making it a particularly scenic area to visit.

Here are the following top 5 best things to do in Selangor:


If you are looking for family things to do in Selangor, finding time to visit KidZania should be right at the top of the list. This is a unique family entertainment centre which offers the kids a very captivating way to learn about the modern day environment. Real life events, jobs and scenario’s are re-enacted in Kidzania to help educate the child but everything is organized so as not to intimidate the child and make the process fun.

Regardless of the light heart nature of this experience, it is a genuinely effective tool which is helping to empower and inspire all the kids who walk through the front doors and it is also a great family activity in Selangor.

2.Visit i City

Spellbinding lights hang their way through a huge forest on the way into I city, it gives the genuine impression of a magical wonderland and it is sure to blow the imaginations of any child, or adult, who walks amongst them.

Also, where else in the world can you all walk inside and find an endless number of ice houses, snowmen and sculptures lining the corridors? Snowalk is the second part of i City and a science learning project with a frozen arctic environment while lastly, there is an amazing water park which has free entrance, although the rides inside do have a fee.

3.Go to Selayang Hot Springs

Although it can be very busy on the weekends with locals seeking a quick escape from the city, the hot springs at Selayang are the perfect place to unwind and de-stress after a busy week. They are much closer to Kuala Lumpur than most other hot springs and best of all, the attraction is free!

There are four different pools that make up the hot springs, each having their own degree of temperature and all of them contain a high mineral content which is a natural cure for many types of skin disorders.

4.Genting Highlands

A large extravagant archway opens into the Genting highlands and amazingly, the scenery beyond this point is even more striking than the entrance. This giant resort is literally on top of the hills and is often referred to as the “Las Vegas of Malaysia”.

It is easy to see how it has this reputation, for the high end luxury hotels, the multitude of amusements rides, fine dining restaurants, family attractions and casino’s ensure there is something here for everyone. When you add a vibrant nightlife to the equation, Genting Highlands is one of the most fun places in Selangor.

5.Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

What list of things to do in Selangor would be complete without a relaxing golf course ? Not only that, but what list would be complete without Tropicana Golf & Country Resort ?

This is the ultimate place for stretching the legs in the outdoors and enjoying all the lavish offerings the fine club has to offer, from luxury brunch in the afternoon to the extravagant outdoor courtyards inside the hotel, snooker rooms, a library and a bowling alley – the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is the ultimate luxury leisure complex in Selangor.

There are many more things to do in Selangor aside from the five above and it would be impossible to name them all, but Zoo Negara, Kanching rainforest waterfall and One Utama shopping centre are all worth seeing and the O’Boutique Suites are a great place to stay in Selangor.