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Couple travel 50 countries in a van on $8 per day


Wondering how to travel the world with no money? Wondering how to change job or find a way to make your money go further?

A trip by a young Polish couple went viral this week on which they claim to have travelled an incredible 50 countries on just $8 per day. They purchased the van for just $600 and after stocking up with a tent, some food and other supplies, they hit the road ….for 6 years!

More than 150,000 km on 5 continents, the couple travelled and slept in their van every night to save on accommodation costs.

Unsurprisingly the negative brigade jumped in to question how this was possible on just $8 per day but the couple have a very plausible answer to this, in that they stayed in the one spot for more than a day at a time in order to find travel buddies to share the fuel cost to the next destination. Then they also began sending people postcards from their trip for a small fee which would cover maybe a litre of fuel. They cook all their own food rather than visit restaurants and

Eventually, they even found sponsors who paid to have large advertising on the sides of the van and this went toward funding the cost of getting the van on a ship and across the ocean.

The couple claim to have the largest travel blog in Poland and as a result of this enormous trip, they now work as travel bloggers full time and have also since published two books about the experience.

If that wasn’t enough they also got engaged on their travels:

Amazing, congratulations for winning at life!


Ditched at the altar, Decides to travel the world


Can you imagine? The big day is approaching and you’re feeling nothing other than a mixture of excitement and nerves; wondering where the next chapter of your life will take you? And he calls it off just days before.

Katy Colins (30) was that girl.  Her fiance pulled out of the wedding at the last minute and she was left feeling alone, confused and…….she had had enough. Katy ditched her job, sold her car and house, and decided to go travelling alone for the first time.

Not only that, but when she travelled around South East Asia, India and South Africa – she wrote and published a book about it all!

Imagine, one moment you’re about to get married, settle down and get serious; the next your hanging out on a sleeper train in the middle of a jungle.

I know which one I would prefer, Just sayin’!

Brisbane: UK tourist missing after “Drunken Stunt”

Photo by Grayline.com

A British tourist has vanished after jumping of the downtown bridge in Brisbane, into the river below.

Police reports suspect the man jumped off the bridge as a “drunken stunt” after the 30 year old man had spent Sunday evening socializing with friends.

Police officer Sean Cryer has confirmed that 4 men had been drinking in a downtown hostel when the man agreed to jump off the bridge as part of a dare.

“The young man in question … jumped off the bridge first,” he said.

“The other three fellows said he took a running jump from three or four metres away — jumped over the rail.

“They observed him go into the water, he came back up again a few seconds later, rolled on his side, went back under the water and he hasn’t been seen since.”

An extensive search party commenced following the incident.

“We’ll continue our search and rescue search until we find him,” said Inspector Cryer.

“Obviously jumping off a bridge into a river is a silly thing to do, and we’d warn against it.”

Police divers are expected to join the crew, with it having returned no leads until this point.

The parents of the British tourists have also been contacted but they are still trying to notify relatives in Australia.

Australia: Aggressive man restrained on flight by air marshall


Simon Bowen was taking a group of students from Perth to Sydney on Sunday morning, when the incident happened.

To the passengers and staff on-board the airline it came as quite a shock, when a man became “abusive” and “violent” just a half hour into the journey.

Mr Brown, advised ABC 720 that he had requested a drink quite loudly which the staff denied and from here, the man become increasingly abusive toward the staff.

The incident escalated until apparently, punches were thrown toward nearby passengers, until a couple of people managed to get hold of the man.

“[While they were] holding the fellow, the stewardess shouted and they did have an air marshal on board who was absolutely superb in the calmness.” said Simon Brown.

The air marshal was left with no option other than to restrain the man with handcuffs for the rest of the 4 hour trip to Sydney an when they arrived, the Australian Federal Police boarded to escort the aggressive man off the plane. of the flight.