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How to find local experiences and day tours in Africa


In my own experience, the best local experiences in Africa will always come about on a day tour or at the very least with a guide who has knowledge of the local area. Thing is, how do you find these local guides and obscure experience in unknown places such as things to do in Nkhata Bay?


Day Tours in Africa

Having worked as an overland tour leader for many years through Africa and travelled extensively on my own, I have come to know and experience an endless number of these day tours in Africa. Obviously this is the reason people ask me in terms of how to organize such day tours but it was also for this reason that i set up a website which made all these day tours in Africa easily accessible. Together with my local knowledge and extensive contacts, I decided to start putting together all the best local experiences in Africa that I could find and the end result was Daytourz.com.

Whether it be a cooking class in Uganda or a bungee jump at Vic Falls, a wildlife safari in kenya or a snorkeling trip on Zanzibar – you can find all the best day tours in Africa on my new website which is only going to grow as the year goes on.


Local tour guides in Africa

Lastly, you know the best thing about it? Africa is still an undeveloped place to travel and live which means access to Internet is not great and more to the point – most local operators, especially the small guys, don’t have a chance to put their tours online, until now that is. Yes, Daytourz is helping these guys get their day tours online and for a minimal reservation fee, we are bringing a truly sustainable business to the heart of Africa.

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