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Souvenirs to buy in Phuket

souvenirs in Phuket

Phuket is one of the dreamiest, most interesting and visually spectacular destinations in Thailand so it can be a very interesting location that you can check out. But one has to wonder, which are the best souvenirs that you can bring back home from Phuket? With that in mind, we created a list that will help you identify the best souvenirs in Phuket so that you can get a better experience in the end.

Leather products

Thailand and Phuket in particular are known for the high quality leather products. You can find various exotic leather items that are created from ostrich, stingray or even crocodile leather. They can be expensive depending on what you choose to purchase but remember that it might be difficult to find these anywhere else.


You can rarely find pearls that are as pure and refined as the Phuket pearls. That’s why one of the major souvenirs you can get from this region is a set of pearls which you can purchase for you and as a gift. There are many retailers that offer pearls here at affordable prices so it all comes down to you to choose the ones you like the most. Moreover, there is a pearl farm not far from Phuket – Phuket Pearl Farm where you can not only purchase sea pearls but also discover the process of pearl farming during your visit there.”

Coconut oil

The coconut oil from Phuket is suitable for your meals because it adds a great flavor yet you can also use it as a natural lotion for the skin. As a whole, it’s a very good investment and one that will pay off nicely.

Magic amulets

Even if you don’t believe in magic these are great charms that you can take around and showcase to others. Many of these are very old and some are actually ancient which does show their power and uniqueness. Obviously these won’t come cheap so you should prepare for paying a premium on them.

Thai whisky or rome

The whiskey in Phuket is not one of the best. However,  locals enjoy it quite a bit and it does have a very distinct taste when it comes to the regular whisky as well. And the local  whisky  is the important  attribute of every part you may participate.  Authentic liquor is often a good choice of gifts for friends.

Fisherman pants

They look great and these pants are actually very comfortable. If you are a person that goes finishing often or which wants to have a distinct look, the fisherman pants from Phuket can be a very good purchase. Plus, they are adjustable, comfortable and stylish.


Asia and Thailand in particular are great destinations for people that want exotic spices. Sure, you can find some imported ones at the local stores but the ones in Phuket are natural and they just have a much better taste. That’s why you should consider getting spices as souvenirs when you come in Phuket!

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should focus on purchasing the best Souvenirs in Phuket. It all comes down to finding something that you enjoy and the results can be extraordinary in the end. Take your time and rest assured that you are bound to find something amazing in the end!

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